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We launch and grow medical products and services, fast!

WebbLogic® Provides medical product Marketing Services, Digital Marketing, and Launch Planning for innovative healthcare technologies and devices. We also provide Distribution and Product Representation for organizations that are looking to grow sales quickly.

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Book a free market assessment meeting with one of our Certified Healthcare Market Experts. This is not a sales session, this is a free advisory session where we provide you detailed actionable ideas that you can use immediately to launch and/or build sales for your medical technology. It’s fast, free, and valuable!

Why choose us?

We have 40 years of experience in launching hundreds of technologies to the healthcare marketplace. Our founder is a world-renowned healthcare thought leader and best-selling healthcare author. We work with our clients to help them build fast and scalable growth with a great team of Certified Ethical Sales Professionals and best in class technologies. We help our clients build market ready sales plans that address the many changes that are occurring in healthcare.


We are a marketing firm with best in class practices that deliver predictable results at the lowest possible costs. We specialize in new technologies, digital technologies and non-commodity niche markets. Our services include marketing services for both products and services.

Turnkey US Market Rollout Services

Full Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Websites, Blogs and Video Production

Regional and National Product Representation and Distribution

Product Design, Packaging, Collateral and other Marketing Materials

Launch Strategies and Market Plans

Product Development, Design and Distribution Advisory Services

Salesforce Development and Certification Training

Markets we serve_


and Clinic IT Technologies, SaaS, AI, All Hospital Technologies


Technologies, Wearables, Telemedicine, “At-Home” Devices


Manufacturing and Packaging Equipment


and Diagnostic, and Interventional Technologies


Practice Technologies

Territories we serve_

We provide technology launch services, distribution and product representation across the US. We have sales offices in San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona

We provide the best training for sales teams

Our Certified Ethical Sales Professional™ (CESP) and Certified Master of Customer Experience™ (CMCX) will help your sales teams drive scalable growth, customer retention and customer promotion while avoiding bad reviews and ratings. Our partnership with LearnLogic® allows us to deliver these to our clients as part of an integrated service offering.

Let’s Zoom.

Reach out so we can schedule a zoom call, so you can ask the tough questions and get a better idea about who we are and what we have to offer.