We're on a mission.

Our mission is to help great organizations launch and grow their medical technologies in a way that has the most positive impact on patients, caregivers and healthcare organizations. We believe that the future of healthcare will be driven by disruptive innovators that are reimagining the way in which we deliver improved clinical outcomes, patient safety and improved economic models.

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Message from our founder.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have chosen healthcare as my career over 40 years ago. During that period of time I have launched and invented breakthrough technologies to the market. This includes one of the world’s smallest medical implants, the first foldable intraocular lens, and a wide range of other cutting-edge medical technologies.

My past also includes serving as an Adjunct Professor and Chief Innovation Officer for one of the country’s most comprehensive Health Science Universities. My book, The Healthcare Mandate on the future of healthcare is a number one bestseller. My documentary film, The Healthcare Cure www.thehealthcarecure.com was awarded Most Impactful Film at the prestigious Sedona International Film Festival.

In my work as a Healthcare Keynote Speaker, www.nickwebb.com I have the opportunity to speak at the largest medical conferences in the world, serving multiple Fortune 500 organizations.

In my role as a CEO of WebbLogic, I have the great honor of working with amazing entrepreneurs and innovators that are looking to make a positive change in healthcare. My work is more than a job, it’s really a mission that I believe in deeply, and I believe it shows in the work that we do for our incredible clients.

We’re picky_

We have enjoyed tremendous success by partnering with ethical and thoughtful clients that have a sincere desire to deliver value across the entire healthcare continuum. We only take on projects from clients that provide a real value proposition. Our clients care about, honesty in advertising and promotion claims and of course patient centrism. We do not represent any clients that have technologies that have not met the regulatory requirements or any client that makes advertising claims that are not substantiated by third-party validation. We are extremely proud of our clients, and the great work that they do in the delivery of safe, efficacious and valuable technologies to the healthcare marketplace.

Management team_

Nicholas Webb

Chief Executive Officer

As a healthcare expert, Nick has been awarded over 40 US Patents for technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants, to one of the first wearable technologies. His book, The Healthcare Mandate is a playbook for the Future of Healthcare. Nick is also a multiple number one best-selling author, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Nick serves as the CEO of LearnLogic, an Advisory firm that works with some of the top brands in the world. Nick is also the Chief Disruption Officer (CDO) for the Disruption Expo, a think tank and annual event that focuses on the impact of disruption across Business, Society, Technology and Healthcare.

Stephen Orsatti

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Stephen is a technological wizard. He is an accomplished cinematographer, 3D designer, and full-stack web expert. He is a believer in clean and minimalistic approaches to complex challenges. His commitment to the user experience is unwavering and is representative in all that we do.

Michelle Lynn

Chief Customer Happiness Officer

Michelle is obsessed with customer happiness, and her 30-year career in client relations proves it. She has a simple philosophy, deliver great products at a fair price, and guaranteed them always. She is passionate about our students and loves the human side of the business. Michelle manages all aspects of student happiness.

Chase Parker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chase is a seasoned sales and marketing professional. He loves selling something he believes in and the impact that clients receive from our work. Chase works with organizations to understand their needs, problems, and opportunities and then prescribes incredibly valuable solutions.

Matti Palo MD

Chief Clinical Advisor

Dr. Palo is a Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon with a passion for educating and inspiring others. Dr. Palo is a pioneer in digital patient education and loves using technology to optimize the experience for students. As the Certification Chair, Dr. Palo advises our team on how to ensure the highest degree of educational impact and student experience.

Paige Alexis

Digital and social media

Paige supports our students through social collaboration and digital communication efforts across all digital platforms. She loves connecting with students and prospective students to gain insights on how to deliver higher student value. Most importantly, Paige loves learning from the digital community on how best to collaborate and co-create with students.

More About Us_

We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and we have representatives across the country in various key territories. Our business hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM MST. We deliver a handcrafted approach to a relatively small group of clients in order to deliver the highest level of quality and responsiveness.

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